Hosting Services Available

Eden2000 Hosting and design offers a full range of website hosting and services. We take the time to discuss each step of the process with you, our client, to make sure you know all about your website needs, if you need assistance with it. If you are just starting out with your first web site, we will provide you with valuable information to help you become a success. Every website is different and has different needs. We will make sure you understand what we are doing to host and/or develop your site and why each step is important. You can be assured that you are receiving high quality services when you choose to have us host and/ or develop your website.

 Adult Website Hosting

Ultra Efficient, lightening fast, 99.999% uptime, On-Demand Adult Website Hosting offered in a variety of pre-set packages and custom packages offered as well. Call now to discuss your needs, or place your order through our easy order page now and we’ll get your account setup within 24 hours.


Account Management, backups and updates

We will provide valuable management, backups and update services for you if needed. Your website will be treated with high priority by our team of experts! Monthly plans start at $0.50 per day (total $15 per month) and up, depending on the amount of updates, backups and maintenance your website requires. This is a very important service for you to consider ordering, inquire with us when you call.


Smart Device Friendly

If you already have a mobile site and need to migrate it to our servers, we can assist you with this or provide you with login, etc… so you can DIY. Each website we host will be efficiently functional and work great on 99.9% of all platforms including computer, Mac, plus both Apple and Android powered phones and pads. If you need a Mobile App website developed, we can also provide this service to you as well. Please visit our web design info page.


 Customized Adult Website Design

Our design packages are completely customizable. We offer flexible plans for all sizes of adult website development needs. We can also offer 100% custom logo design and site schemes, designed by our team of graphic designers just for your website if you choose a template that you want totally tweaked!


gear SEO Tools

All offer several complete SEO packages, if you are in need of traffic. We also offer you valuable marketing consultations free of charge to help you determine what internet marketing and promotions your website needs. We have a marketing team that can capture Organic positions for your website in the top search engines (no pay per click costs when we capture Organic positions for you). Check out marketing solutions at our Eden2000 website, or call today, 1-505-352-7188, to inquire in person.


analytics Visitor Data

When you have us develop your website, we perform Google verification and setup the top of the line tracking through Google. Know how your website is performing 24/7 with real time Google Analytics. Track where your viewers are coming from, what type of system and browser they use and what page your viewers spend most of their time on. If you already have a website and need google performed for it and analytics setup, we can perform this service for you as well.


fb Social Media

Social Media can be integrated right into your site with share icons and links directly to all of your accounts. Sharing your website has never been easier for your visitors! Inquire with us about this service our design team can perform for you.


Additional Service Available


 AdultWebsitePRO  – Online AWP CMS Platform and custom design and/or DIY

AdultWebsitePRO (AWP) is a very easy to use, user friendly online content management system (CMS) platform. We will install a copy of AWP for you, custom design your website and help you with the management of your website if you need us to. We can make your  gallery and preview section updates for you if you are not sure how, for a minimal cost. We are flexible and offer you the opportunity to negotiate your monthly update charge based on your website needs. Visit AdultWebsitePRO


Video Broadcast Software  – Online Live Video, Audio, chat Platform plus custom design and/or DIY

Video Broadcast Software (VBS)  is a very easy to use, user friendly online video, audio, chat, per minute billing system, customer and performer management system, full administration of all, and much much more! We will install a copy of VBS for you, custom design your website and help you with the management of your website if you need us to. We can help you manage your customers and performers, recruit, market, etc… Visit VideoBroadcastSoftware


 WordPress WebsitePRO – Full service WP  installation and custom theme design, development and/or DIY

WordPress is a online platform, which means that there is no other expense to you for editing the software for your updates. We can install a copy of wordpress for you and make the updates for you if you are not sure how, for a minimal cost. We are flexible and offer you the opportunity to negotiate your monthly update charge based on your website needs. Visit WordPressWebsitePRO


 Eden2000 Web Designs – Full Service Design and Development of all types of websites including: E-Commerce, SSL, Shopping carts, accept credit cards…

We offer full service website design and development. We have been in business since 1998, online for almost 20 years now and our combined experience building adult websites will benefit you to success! We build adult membership websites, live videochat websites, we can install and build shopping cart software into an adult video on demand or download store or tangible lingerie store, etc…, SSL secure certificates, setup billing for you, even assist you with who to go to to get an adult related high risk merchant account. Check out Eden2000 for more info.


website design costAsk About Our Finance Program

We feel that the little guy needs a break. We understands how hard it can be for family businesses to have enough money to pay for their bigger projects – like a new or redesigned website. That is why we developed our Finance program that helps new customers spread their sites original set up costs and design fees over a 90 day period. No credit checks, NO INTEREST! just business the good old fashion way -TRUST. Inquire today how our finance program can benefit you.